A Charity Dedicated to Helping Special Children in Latin America and Florida

Charity Helping Children in
Latin America and Florida

JRS was founded in 2008 by Ryan Esko (Founder and President of JRS), who was moved by the needs and challenges that many sick or orphaned children experience in Latin America countries. Ryan has volunteered his time since that day to ensure the Charity will help these children. The charity has also expanded its assistance to Florida. JRS has provided wishes and gifts for thousands of children faced with health and economic challenges in Latin America and Florida to enrich their lives with hope, spirit and happiness.

We try to give them a ‘Smile’ when they really need one

We Provide ‘smiles’ to children through 3 initiatives:

A. Special Situation Gifts (est. 25% of appropriation):

Provide a meaningful ‘wish’ to a child that has shown extraordinary courage in the face of adversity (ie illness or social economic conditions): this could range from a trip, shopping spree, treatment of illness, funds for education and learning (schooling, music or sports ), computer, etc.

B. Events (est. 65% of appropriation):

Provide a day for the families and children to enjoy which will include: food, traditional music, organized games for kids to play together, special guest appearances (stars, characters for kids like Santa Clause or Mickey Mouse) and of course gifts. JRS has rented amusement parks and Zoos for these special events.

C. Other (est.10% of appropriation):

Since the charity is dedicated to bringing joy to children, other opportunities will be considered to bring meaningful help to these children. Depending on funds, risks, and ability to implement, the management and Board will consider other activities.